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Hi, I'm Scott McCracken.

A web developer and photographer from Vermont.

I've been working on websites for over 15 years. My first job was creating backup HTML versions of flash-only sites (kids, ask your parents) in case there was a problem with the plugin. It was an early introduction to how visuals are often prioritized over substance. It didn't take long for those backup sites to start outranking their flash counterparts. Since then I've wanted to focus on what makes the web great – content, performance, and accessibility.

I've built a lot of websites

When I took my first post-college job with, they were a small company providing online solutions for car dealerships. Now they're a huge company providing online solutions for car dealerships. It was fun to be a part of that process.

After 7 years I left to work alongside a former colleague on – an online resource aimed at helping car owners figure out what's wrong with their vehicle.

I'm not a car guy, but have somehow spent my entire career working on automotive websites. Go figure.

I've shared some knowledge

Images of the ITAR class

As part of a partnership between and Vermont HITEC, I taught a 12-week class on web development. The educational program was designed to provide the academic knowledge, technical skills, and hands-on training needed to succeed in a specific career field.

The course didn't exist when I was asked to lead it. There were many late nights spent writing the next day's curriculum and even more mornings questioning what the heck I was doing. We taught the whole thing in a vacant old cafe. Like real professionals.

Something must have gone right because every student successfully completed the course and earned their job making the web a better place. It was the most challenging part of my career. It was also the most rewarding.

I really love taking photos

A few photos of Vermont in the fall

It's not exactly healthy to spend an entire day behind a computer screen. That's something I realized far too late in my career.

Photography is an excellent excuse for getting outside. It's also brought me on a drive or hikes that I might have otherwise skipped.

Over the years I've taken a lot of pictures. Some I'm even proud of.