Working on the Web

I believe in the core foundations of the web. That means writing semantic HTML, progressively enhanced CSS, and presentational JavaScript to build accessible web user interfaces.

My goal with any new site I build is meet the following criteria:

  • Accessible by default with semantic markup that can be logically followed by keyboard users and read by screen readers.
  • Optimized for mobile devices first, but responsive enough to work on almost any other screen.
  • Progressively enhanced with modern CSS built-upon appropriate—but not pixel perfect—fallbacks for older browsers. Additionally Javascript can be used to add interactivity, but I'll make every effort to make sure it's not required for a functional site.
  • Eliminate as much cruft as possible to make sure the site loads on any connection.

Employment History

  1. Director of Web Development, Autobeef, LLC

    I manage a network of websites for car owners and buyers. I’m focused on growing the network’s reach through content, advertising, and SEO strategies while managing the site’s email alert system with hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

  2. Vermont HITEC Instructor,

    Created an in-person web development course for individuals with no prior web experience. The educational program was a partnership between Vermont HITEC and to provide technical skills and hands-on knowledge to individuals looking for a career change. We went over everything from basic HTML to Git best practices. All participants graduated and were offered full-time gigs.

  3. Senior Web Developer,

    Responsible for developing and maintaining flexible site templates to meet the needs of thousands of car dealership websites. I also built the corporate and special event websites.

  4. Web Intern, University of Vermont

    After graduating from UVM I landed an internship with their web development team, where I spent time debugging template layout issues and processing images. It was a great first experience at how large-scale websites operate.


Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, University of Vermont 2003.


HTML, CSS, Vanilla Javascript, PHP, Perl, MySQL, Eleventy, Jekyll, Expression Engine, Nunjucks, Gulp, SASS, Git, NPM, Yarn, Photoshop.